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When Your Boss is Your Homegirl


When your supervisor is your homegirl, going to work can feel like a never ending girls night out.  Meetings are less boring, the shift seems shorter and lunch hour sessions are filled with giggles and gossip. Just remember:

Don’t say anything that could come back to haunt you later.

Now that you are friends, don’t regale your new homie with stories about how you once wanted her job or how you once thought she was a loser.

Don’t become too relaxed and casual in the office.

I once had a SAHG (Supervisor as Home Girl) and we hung out all the time. We went to all the clubs, had 4am breakfasts at the diner and often stayed over at each other’s apartment. One day she came to me frantic about a report that was due. I brushed her off casually and said something about the fact that she had all weekend to complete the report. This caused her to raise an eyebrow as we’d both been at a weekend party in the Hamptons. Oops!

Don’t get judgmental about her.

So now that you have spent sometime with your SAHG, you realize that she’s not very organized or that she’s not as smart as you thought she was. You may gain some insight to how she manages her emotions or how she deals with her love life. Don’t transfer your opinions about how she gets down at home to what’s happening at work. Some women are masters of being Super Heroes in the office and no so heroic at home.

Don’t gossip about her.

It’s tempting to fill your co-workers in on the life and times of your SAHG but that’s not cool. It’s like being the mean girl from High School. You are just pretending to be friends so you can look cool to your other friends. The difference between High School and now is that your co-workers don’t care. In fact, you might pay attention to your own profile. Do they think you’re you a brown noser? Do they think you are overly ambitious or even lame for hanging out with her?

Don’t forget….She is the boss!

At the end of the day, it is what it is. You can say what you will about her but whenever she feels like it, she will remind you (or be forced to remind you) that you report to her. When that day comes, you will be in your feelings because it will hurt. It won’t matter that you nursed her through the flu, consoled her when her dude left, or picked her kids up from school so she could work late.

Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

LA Drye is a workstyle specialist with a passion for all things related to Sistah Girls in the workplace. When not ranting and raving here, she can be found on Twitter @washndrye or on FaceBook at

2 thoughts on “When Your Boss is Your Homegirl

  1. I love this story, blog, the design EVERYTHING!

    The candor is much needed and necessary. This blog SHOULD be on a much larger platform for a wider audience to read, learn, reflect and inspire other women towards GREATNESS!

    If I didn’t already think the author is an exceptional woman, this clearly solidifies it.

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