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Hey LA Drye is a lifestyle blog created by writer, dreamer, black girl gone blogger LA Drye. LA is a New York City based influencer who finds work-life, mommy-life and wife-life absolutely possible with a great friends, great wine, decadent desserts and a playlist that includes everything from hip-hop to jazz. Part black girl magic, part pixie dust, the site features honest original content that takes on everything from playdates to date nights, from skincare to childcare, from Super Bowls to bowls of organic soup, and everything in between. LA is writing for women who don’t always get it right—but they have fun trying. When not ranting and raving here she can be found on Twitter @heyladrye or on the gram @heyladrye

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    1. Thanks and same to you! Jo-Jo The Bunny and Ms. Drye Tells a Story are bound to become classics for children.
      Way to go !

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