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I Had To Break Up With Sunday

Alarm Clock on Sunday Night

Clock for Blogher 11.9.14It’s true. I broke up with Sunday last year. I was in love with Monday through Friday. Saturday was my BFF. Sunday was no friend of mine.  We broke up due to the fact that I always felt so empty in the relationship.  I started dreading Sunday because it represented all that I avoided during the week. Sunday was the day to do laundry, pay bills and buy groceries. If anyone ever asked me to hang out or catch a movie, I’d respond with all kinds of snippy retorts like, “Unlike some people, I’ve gotta go to work in the morning.”   I would wake up at 8am on Sunday and spend the entire day planning to go to work on Monday morning. Sad but true.

Recently, I decided to re-connect with my old love and we are on good terms.  I’ve spread some of the housekeeping duties around to the other days so that it’s all not just waiting for the seventh day.  I pencil in fun and interesting things to do like taking my daughter to the zoo or grabbing dinner and a movie with my hubby. Last week, I got the creative energy flowing and started writing a novel about growing up in the Bronx.

Yeah, I don’t dread Sunday anymore and it looks like Monday is hanging in there too.

Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

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