I Can’t Fit Into A Darn Thing At H & M

Frustrated H & M Look

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H & M…we have officially broken up. But I will always I love, love, love H & M. Such a nifty little import from Sweden. There’s one on almost every corner in Manhattan and I have no problem imagining that the clothes are speaking directly to me. In my mind, I am a freakin’ rock star destined for a life of sequined t-shirts, cropped fur jackets and oversized satchels that carry my rock star accessories; sunglasses, lip gloss, I-phone and bottle of champagne–of course.

H & M Needs New Sizing

Yep…got a little more on the hips and around the middle than I had just a few years ago. I had a baby and I fell in love with Five Guys. No, not five different men but with the hamburger spot that is also taking over the world one pickle at a time. As I move closer to being called M’am than Miss, trying on clothes has really started to stress me out.

I love the Special K commercial that announces that I am much more than a number. Women in the clip try on jeans that say “Radiant” and “Confident.” I whole-heartedly vote for a new sizing policy that supports strengthening our self esteem. While browsing in H & M, I needed a dress that said, “Not So Bloated” or a skirt that said, “Pretty Good Since You Haven’t Seen The Gym In A While.”

Maybe that’s how I will shop from now on. No size checks. I’ll just bring whatever looks like it will fit into the dressing room and choose what fits best. If all else fails, I can still purchase my rock star satchel. No sizing necessary.

Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Fit Into A Darn Thing At H & M

  1. Girl I can definitely relate. I made a conscious decision that I want to shop in the junior/misses section again. I love way looks they have for the women’s side but all that material was taking up too much room in my closet.

    I am tired of children playing hide and seek under my dresses.

    Never had 5 guys, thank you for informing me of the addiction .
    Welcome back

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