Copying My Boss on Emails Makes You Look Insecure

LA Drye


True story.  I used to work for a company that was filled to the brim with politics and political people.

Every time I met with someone both formally and informally it was always followed up with an email with a “CC” to my supervisor.  Every email began with a sentence like, “As per our conversation…” or “As we confirmed this morning…”  I could not understand how a quick chat between the microwave and the ladies room constituted a meeting or an agreement.  I really couldn’t understand why people would bother to flood my very busy Vice President’s email box with trivial notes about how our work was progressing.

This was years before I understood that some people swear that if they document everything, they won’t lose their jobs.  To his credit, my VP could care less about the day-to-day. He only wanted to and needed to be present when I got to the finish line. He was a big picture person with a larger than life personality. Details were not his thing and I learned that very quickly. Project management takes many meetings, many phone calls and yes, many emails to bring a project to completion. People get stressed and anxious as everyone is held accountable for the part that they play in the production.  I understood that but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

I began to ignore the requests that came from staff who tried to use the “CC” as some kind of leverage. In fact, my supervisor and I laughed about it and I learned that some people are insecure and pushy in that way because of the way that they are experiencing work. Once I realized that the person wasn’t necessarily a moron and that he or she was more than likely reacting to the buttons being pushed by their own supervisor, I lightened up.

I still don’t like when people hide behind the “CC” but I get it.

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2 thoughts on “Copying My Boss on Emails Makes You Look Insecure

  1. I totally agree. At present I have a co-worker that loves to Cc the supervisor. At first I was like are you freaking kidding me. Then I realized she wanted to inform the supervisor that she is working.

    I guess she was in the way of screwing up and needed to be held accountable.

    Cc = could care less

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