Community College? WTF?

“In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. We will not fill those jobs – or keep those jobs on our shores – without the training offered by community colleges.” –
President Barack Obama

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On Being Mad…

Okay so for real…at first I was mad at you. I was mad that right after graduation you kept on working for the temp agency and I dragged my ass off to college– shoulders saggin’ from the debt already piled on before the first class even began. You quickly acquired all kinda skills around the workplace and bragged to me how you were the top administrative assistant and how nobody there even knew how to look at an Excel spreadsheet. I’m really mad at you ‘cuz 12 years later you still at the same company, all cozy in your cubicle and I’ve had four jobs in 12 years. But this week you mad at me. The word is the company is relocating and they aren’t taking you with them. It seems the company reorganization plan is for employees with college degrees. Yup, there are openings for account managers but you have to have a 4-year degree to apply.

I remember when you told me, “College ain’t for everybody.” and paid for our upscale lunch with proceeds from your paycheck. I was like damn, you making $65,000 a year with a High School Diploma! That’s some BS considering I was making $40,000 as a 7th grade school teacher. Where has the time gone? Are you trying to tell me that in 12 years nobody ever told you to get your ass in school? Not saying that you can’t get and keep a job based on relationships but in my humble opinion….Sistah Girls need credentials. Point blank, straight up no chaser.

“I’ve heard that you’ve chosen to do exotic dancing”
“I don’t see no other way to make money. Now a days the economy is so fucked and you have to know somebody who know somebody to get a job. It’s very very hard out here.
Jayda & Jazz, Jersey Strong Episode 3 (Pivot TV)

Hey You ! Yeah You!

As a New Yorker who commutes on the subway, I’ve noticed that besides the absence of graffiti on the trains (not seen since the 80’s), there are a tremendous amount of advertisements from 2-year colleges and career/technical programs. Space that was once filled with cigarette ads and subway maps has been replaced with full color images of African-American and Latino women promoting degrees/certificates and advanced paced coursework. Someone has figured out how to take advantage of a captive audience! I do think the guy on television that yells at you and tells you to get off of the sofa is funny if not completely motivating. Let’s get back to the subway. Those advertisements make it seem like if you’ve got 18 months…they’ve got a program for you.

What’s crazy is that recently I’ve been reading reports that are revealing that individuals who emerge on the scene with a technical or 2-year degree are often getting paid much sooner than those who struggled with four years of education. It makes sense to me. The 2-year programs afford graduates with the opportunity to step out of their front door and contribute immediately to our day-to-day lives. I’m thinking of everyone from nurses to X-ray technicians pastry chefs to sous chefs, para-legals and and yeah ok…funeral directors!

My Roundtable Focus Group also known as SG Nation (really it’s me and several of my Sistah friends) argued and shared thoughts about this all week. We’re no team of human resource experts but we all agreed that in the past couple of years, it seemed like the four-year graduates were not getting hired and paid as quickly as those who pursued career/technical programs

So Watchu Sayin’?

2-Year, 4-Year, Degree or Certificate, we have to elevate. The workplace is ridiculously competitive and that’s not going to change. Outkast was not lying when they said you have to “Get up get out and get sumpthin.”

Are you ready to make moves to secure your economic future?


2 thoughts on “Community College? WTF?

  1. I hear you sister. I work in the Legal field and you’d be surprised how many secretaries are running around here making $60+ without a college degree. The problem is that with younger (and older) attorney’s doing their own documents the “need” for a secretary is becoming less and less. I’m watching them get gradually pushed out of their jobs. When one leaves she’s not replaced. The firm just increases the ratio of attorney to secretary. And many secretaries are terrified to leave on their own. But don’t take my word for it. Ask any one them who proclaim to “hate their job” why they don’t simply up and leave. Underlying all the excuses is the fear of their marketability in the job market.

  2. Well, the thing I’ve noticed about degrees is that jobs will require 4 year degrees as a way to weed out people yet the job may not want to pay people what a 4 year degree is worth. The push for 2 year degrees also makes me feel as if there will be more of a focus on networking and skill sets in the future.

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