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4 Co-Workers Who Should Skip Secret Santa


Secret Santa Box

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the department stores are packed, the UPS trucks are filled to the max and the office is gearing up for the exchange of Secret Santa gifts. I personally love this time of year and believe it or not, I like giving gifts to co-workers even if we have never met. Through the years I have found that I’ve cultivated new relationships and alliances all as a result of choosing a simple yet thoughtful gift. For many, this random act of kindness is the only one they will see all year.

I take great issue with those people who want to Bah Humbug the rest of us but refuse to do so quietly. These are the people who say over and over again that they are not big on holidays or that they hate this time of year due to the over-commercialization and so on and so on. So I say to you with all the love and kindness that I can muster. Here are the top four co-workers who should skip Secret Santa:

1. The co-worker who digs down deep into the bag, bowl or hat to retrieve a name only to throw it back in. There are no words for that kind of audacity.

2. The co-worker who chooses some kind of booby prize like a foam #1 finger from a sports team or a bobble head of a celebrity. It’s insulting and indicative of someone who has no interest in spreading good vibes. 

3. The co-worker who declines the invitation to participate in Secret Santa but is happy to show up at the exchange to make comments about the gifts that are presented. Really?

4. The co-worker who is dead set on sticking to the spending limit although he/she has pulled the name of someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty on his/her behalf. I’m not saying you should break the bank but I say it’s okay to break the rules if the person is really an All-Star.

Happy Holidays! Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

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