Queen Elsa Couldn’t Be My Homegirl

Queen Elsa and Anna

Queen Elsa and Frozen 2 are on the way. I shiver at the the thought of a sequel to a film that completely dominated the television in our family room. My daughter has watched Frozen at least 100 times since it debuted. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this.  I actually prefer the, “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” song to the blockbuster “Let It Go.” Okay it’s out now. Not sure if the C.I.A (Cold Ice Agency) is gonna come looking for me but that cute little song about a lost friendship got me to realize that I can’t stand Queen Elsa and she could never be my homegirl.

Queen Elsa is a Hater

She’s jealous of her sister Anna’s free spirit and the fact that a guy was interested in her at the coronation party. Sure, the guy turned out to be a jerk but she didn’t know that when she withheld her approval for a wedding.

Queen Elsa is Unpredictable

She’s incapable of having a difficult conversation. She spent years hiding behind closed doors and when Anna finally pushes and demands that she be held accountable for her odd behavior, she flips out and sends icy blasts in every direction.

Queen Elsa is Spiteful

She completely embarrasses herself at the party, runs up the hill to North Mountain and leaves everyone in permanent winter season. Really? How was that helpful?

I must have seen 20-30 girls in my neighborhood dressed as Queen Elsa for Halloween. I wondered if any other mom shared in my analysis and if they did…how could they let their daughter wear the costume of well, a mean girl?

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