3 Co-Workers To Avoid on Friday Morning

It’s true that much of what I write here is just me ranting and raving about work related experiences that I’ve had in all of my positions in Corporate, Education, Non-Profit and Entertainment America. What’s also true is that I find the same cast of characters–I mean co-workers, everywhere I go. Happy Gosh Darn Friday! In my humble opinion, here are 3 co-workers you will need to avoid on Friday morning in order to keep the happy going!

Ms. I’ve Been Sick All Week

Yep, avoid this co-worker today because she’s been coughing and sneezing all week pretending that she has allergies when she knows she has a full blown out virus. You’ve made it through the week and dodged her germs like a mouse evades a trap. But your luck could run out today and you may bring her illness home with you resulting in a boring weekend of tea, soup and loneliness.

Mr. Did I Tell You About The Meeting On Monday?

Yeah, you know this guy. The last minute Larry who is supposed to schedule meetings weeks in advance but doesn’t get around to it until Friday. Skip this co-worker for sure. Last minute meetings added to the calendar are often a waste of time as the agenda is usually weak, the goals of the meeting are not clear and everyone is basically there because not showing up to meetings is not a good look in terms of maintaining your reputation as a professional. If he can’t catch you on Friday, he’ll have to schedule the meeting for Tuesday which will give everyone time to get their act together.

Ms. Can You Believe They Fired So and So?

Boo-hiss. She wants to go over all of the details and then start pouring the poison in your ear about layoffs, cutbacks and golly…I wonder who’s next? Stay away from this gossiping gal as Friday is jam packed with things you need to do and you don’t have time for her. Besides that, if they are looking at work and productivity…you don’t wanna be seen hanging out with her!

I didn’t know the book existed when I started writing this post but the title is hilarious. Check out Pains in the Office: 50 People You Absolutely, Definitely Must Avoid at Work! for more laughs.

Stay Fly, Stay Fabulous and Rock On!

LA Drye is a workstyle specialist with a passion for all things related to Sistah Girls in the workplace. When not ranting and raving here, she can be found on Twitter @ladrye or on FaceBook at





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